November 2015 Update: Big Fat Zero £ spent on car fuel

In case you missed it, I don’t spend very much on fuel. I mostly try to spend cash on holidays and having more family time instead. So I was pleased to see that for November I spent a big fat zero on diesel and did just 273 car miles. I also spent a fairly meagre £25 on gas for heating and cooking – but then again, it was another insanely warm month. I spent £43 on electricity – which is higher than I would like and needs looking at – but I did use quite a lot of power tools this month, replacing some windows and doing other jobs like that.

Here’s the graph from my Home Cost Tracker  which I developed to keep track of our spend (click on it for a larger version if you like graphs, or skip right on if that’s not your thing!)

home cost tracker nov 2015

The money is very important, of course, but what is more significant (to me anyway) is my quest to live a two tonne lifestyle. In terms of climate change impact then…

our entire household greenhouse gas emissions for the year will be around 12 tonnes – 2.5 tonnes per person. That is around one fifth of the UK average, and includes our 4 bedroom house, our holidays, and our family car.

It also includes our (frankly) extravagant food consumption, which now accounts for most of our greenhouse gas emissions as well as a ridiculous amount of our monthly expenses, Here’s another graph from the Home Cost Tracker:co2e by source nov 2015

The food contribution looks high partly because everything else is pretty low, of course. And we do eat some meat, which increases the food greenhouse gases to an extent. But, then again, we like eating meat. The Christmas holiday season will see an increase in everything, too. Will it knock us off course?!

I’ll let you know.

Can you beat these spend levels? Try out the free LiveLight Cost and Carbon Calculator  online and find out!

LiveLight members can log in to download the Home Cost Tracker for free.

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